All items are pre-loved unless stated otherwise in the description of the product. We always try our best to be as transparent about an item's condition as possible, but things like wear and scent can be a very individual experience. When we rate our items we compare them to other bags we have sold and what we consider to be the most descriptive state of the item's condition. If the scent of an item is considered above average for a used item by us, it will be listed in the item description. We can never guarantee that the items are in their original state as we have not owned the items since they were originally purchased. Tweaks like changes of hardware and color correction can be present. We do not sell or support the sale of items that have undergone transformations that are crucial to the item's design, such as a color change or unoriginal hardware. Please note that we are only reselling products and have no control over the quality of the manufacturing. If the item has any issues after 14 days from the date of the purchase, the condition is no longer our responsibility. We are always happy to provide advice for taking care of your item bought through us, but as we are not associated with the brands, we cannot help with repair. 


The most important thing for us is to give you as a customer a safe experience when shopping for second-hand designer pieces. This is why we offer a guarantee of authenticity, which is your safety that if an item should turn out to be counterfeit you will always be eligible for a full refund. All items have undergone a third-party authentication check before they arrive at our office for our own authentication check.